There are many reasons why New Hampshire residents choose BluBox for their portable storage needs.

Sometimes, you find that you have just too much stuff. Temporary Residential Storage is how BluBox Portable Storage helps you keep it under control and frees up your personal space.

Or if you are in the thick of renovating your house, or building a new one, perhaps you need a little space to keep your stuff out of the way. If there is construction dust, the last thing you want is for your items to be subjected to additional wear and tear that just isn’t necessary. That’s where a portable storage unit comes in!

Moving is often a lot more complicated than just boxing up your possessions and going. There’s that bedroom furniture without a bedroom you can’t part with, and the modern couch too big for antique staircases (no matter how hard you tried). Or maybe it’s everything because you’re in an apartment for just a couple of months until the new place opens up. We’ll be good to your things.

Properly staging your home for sale means reducing clutter. Any real estate agent will tell you that putting unnecessary furniture and decor in storage can make your home seem bigger to potential buyers. But remember – when you fill up your basement, attic, and closets with “hidden stuff”, your house looks like it doesn’t have enough storage space! Stashing your large possessions in a BluBox is like gaining a lot more square footage they can see, which means getting more money for your home.

Or maybe you’re finally chasing your dream of moving into a “tiny home” built on a chuck wagon trailer base. We salute you for your spirit of adventure. Our Temporary Residential Storage will faithfully protect your 26-piece drum kit and other necessities while empowering you to live minimalist with maximum ease.

Another reason why many of our customers choose BluBox is because family dynamics can change when elderly relatives sell their longtime homes. Let’s say Mom or Dad decided to take advantage of the real estate market, and move into an accessory dwelling unit. That doesn’t mean you have a place for all of their stuff! BluBox can help. You can pack all of their gear into an 8×8, 8×16, or 8×20 storage unit, and we will deliver the storage unit to one of our locations! Moving everything has never been easier, and renting a BluBox and storing it on your property starts at just $165 a month!

Contact us today to find out how we can help you find a place to keep your stuff organized!